On 14-Aug-2014 13:28 -0500, Krill, Coy wrote:
I've got a machine with two partitions installed by primary software
vendor and we also have a product from the same vendor that accesses
the production partition using MS SQL Server. We recently had a
problem with the MS SQL based application and had to restore files for
them to pull data into the data warehouse. I repeatedly had to let
them know that the Initial Catalog they needed to use for the second
partition where I had restored the files they needed. I was thinking
of making an RDB Directory Entry on the second partition that matched
the first partition just to make all our lives easier in the future,
but I was wondering if there is a reason not to that I may be missing.

I seem to recall an ability to establish an ALIAS name for the *LOCAL entry; IIRC something that was likely to be used in a HA environment to allow for just >such situations, whereby the failover machine needs to have its own DB name but the clients would still need\want to know that other system as the same >as the original.?

That's pretty much my scenario, DR. I'm not terribly concerned about being able to perform machine to machine SQL queries (which was a good point Monty made) as I'm going to be locking down most of the communications from partition to partitions for security purposes. I think I'll give it a shot and see how it goes.

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