Just returned from vacation and enjoyed the WDSc/RDi/RDP/RDi discussion. Unfortunately, the one image it will leave is Grace Hopper beating Dr. F with her cane. The cane would have to be taller than her to reach Larry's head.

I program in Java and JavaScript, plus I do tons of HTML and CSS. I cannot imagine not using an IDE. Because I am as cheap as your average i shop, I use vanilla Eclipse. It's free and is a great way to learn 80% of RDi. This is one reason why it may be cheaper and smarter to teach Java programmers how to code the new version of RPG using RDi than is will be to bother with training people who have been using SEU their whole careers. The situation is similar to that in the aviation industry, which is just now learning that fighter jocks make the worst commercial pilots. What they have been doing worked great for them. They just don't understand that they are now in a different world, where their old skills are actually a detriment to success.


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