Our Power 7 server is running i5OS V6R1M1 with cumulative TL62305 with pretty current group and hyper PTF's. This version of IBM Content Manager for iSeries Client is still supported as long as you are running V6R1 or higher of the i5OS.

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On 06-Aug-2014 13:50 -0500, Dave DeBoe wrote:
We are running IBM Content Manager for iSeries Client Application
V5R1 with fix pack CMClient.510.19. We have been using this program to
view documents that are scanned into our system via a product called

I suspect that might be Kofax instead; no matter, just an observation.

No mention of server release and cumulative; probably worthwhile to include that as well. Is that release of CM even supported on any supported IBM i [i5/OS] release(s)?

We have been running his configuration for a long time. However, about
a week ago, our end users are now receiving an error message when they
try to view documents. The users will chose a document and then take
the option to view it. This starts up Content Manager to view but they
are now receiving an error:
EKDVIDSP Invalid item. DB14211AA.AC5.

Hmm. Seems a dll name vs an error identifier; and perhaps the suffix is the file name to be served-up to the viewer?

When they receive this error, it completely locks up their pc's. They
have to re-boot their pc's in order to view documents again using
Content Manager. After they log back into their pc's, they can view
documents, but again, later in the day, it will throw this same error
again, we have to re boot again. There have been no changes on these
pc's. There have been no changes within the client app nor on our
iSeries server. We ran some wireshark traces, but do not see anything
out of the ordinary.

Has anyone seen this? Any ideas would be great.

Not really. Any logs or server job issues logged? Maybe...

MIGRATING TO CM ISERIES V5R3, 5722VI1 <http://cp.mcafee.com/d/avndy1J5yUVBZNYQszztPqtXEInpjsvdFTKyNtBcsUrjKOMO_txCVJd5BdxdBZdwSwxV2LwHoWJFeLAqCundX7lJ9RYzkPOVJYxXOvILZvArKef8ZuVtdBB_AXLcKfYJteOaaJTA-l3PWApmU6CQjr9K_8I9LfzAm4PhOrKr01B2VEVhjWh1nBYwaEizAdENGSNW57sIed7bOb_Tuphujt-PPyrXz5HTKed7a2a8X7nT7rEroQsSjRXkTnD4TTfshLtx5Tmnygom-0tmPqLMCQ5V4ipYy9epOo1xEqyOed7bxJmi4twhYKun8lrxrW01ggYxnPJzGSAW-hGpVs5aOgzI2fYKrsvs76MnWhEw3hArd40Bm4_xcQg3uMQzYjh0Xm9EwAcv6nQd42QqA3_ldIcCUg4B1o88_pam>

Regards, Chuck
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