Working on a project involving the use of RXS to consume a suite of SOAP web services. SOAP web services with lots and lots of parameters (the RXS templates for them run over 100 lines each). It's a project I've worked on before; this time, I'm having to port the calls from one server to another, with different server software, and (near as I can tell) minor changes in the parameter tags (mostly capitalization changes).

It occurs to me that this would go a lot easier if I actually had an adequate understanding of the syntax and low-level sematics of SOAP. For example, one of the most puzzling things I see is that on the nulled-out parameters in the RXS templates I have, it looks like each invocation of nil is in its own namespace, e.g.,:

<ns1:foo xmlns:ns2=""; ns2:nil="true"/>
<ns1:baz xmlns:ns4=""; ns4:nil="true"/>

(the names have been changed, to protect the innocent).

I'm hoping that the more I know about SOAP, the less it's going to leave me with a bad taste in my mouth, craving some REST.

Can somebody recommend a reference and/or tutorial that will make all this a bit more comprehensible to me?


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