First of all, try
1. Work with TCP/IP interfaces
Record the values displayed.
Not that I've ever tried it but I wonder if it's possible to do a "bind
specific" on the ftp server. If it is, that might be your problem.
I often have multiple IP addresses. One for the OS itself and one for
each Domino server on that server.

Second, "uploading a CSV file from Excel" and ftp may not be related. If
you are using the internal data transfer function of Excel versus a ftp
session they are most certainly two different functions.

F14=Display port numbers
Local port range:
Lower value . . . . . . . . 21

I have this:
Remote Remote Local
Address Port Port Idle Time State
* * 21 000:23:26 Listen

This tells me that ftp is listening on port 21 to ALL IP addresses I have
configured on my local lpar. (no bind specific)
If you do not have port 21 listening then try

Rob Berendt

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