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CRPence on Thursday, July 17, 2014 1:14 PM wrote:
On 17-Jul-2014 10:59 -0500, Lance Gillespie wrote:
The program QWCCRTEC in QSYS will produce a spool file of the last
IPL, each SRC code, and when it occurred.

Heh. An undocumented Work Management [Work Control (WC)] "API"; or
so seems, from the search results of the KnowledgeCenter. What is
the name of the spool file created? And might a sample of the
output be included for reference in the midrange archives? I have
no authority to call the program.

For the Archives-

IBM'S link:
_Program QWCCRTEC: Prints Report on Time Spent in IPL Phases/Steps_
Technote Reference #: N1018217 Historical Number: 14213651

Wiki link showing the spool file:


Thanks. A QPSRVDMP spooled file gets produced as the result of what is effectively represented as the request DMPSYSOBJ 'QWCSRCDATAOUTPUT' (*byAddr) TYPE(19) SUBTYPE(EF) wherein the eye-catcher data is a series of System Reference Codes (SRC) for the PwrDwn and the IPL [apparently; the technote implies so] along with Phase and SubFunction information about the IPL steps, each with a date\time marking the start or end of the step; the data is formatted to fit such that the data reads as effective records in fixed columns.

The sample output in the wiki fails to include any /records/ showing an actual IPL SRC, just some SRCs of the Dump phase for the Power Down processing :-( What is shown as\in the "bottom" of the spool file contains only sub-components of what should be a prior recorded SRC of the IPL.

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