Has anyone ported rsync to IBM i, pase perhaps?

In the Linux world we use it a LOT to back up to servers that are not capable of running production (not enough arms or CPU for example) but can be used for backups. One example is a machine with nearly 4TB in just under 14 million tiny objects backs up the changes with rsync to another machine every hour in under 10 minutes and the machines are 15 miles apart on a 20Mb link.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 7/15/2014 9:17 PM, franz9000 wrote:

We recently migrated all our individual ifs docs (.tif images) - more
than your 15 million images on disk to image catalogs. This was on a
Power 5-525 and even though many images were on optical platters (3995
C46 Optical Jukebox), the move allowed us to remove the 3995, which was
keeping us from moving to Power 7+. While still at V7R1 on Power 5, we
found the performance of our 3573 tape (ultrium 3) was so much better we
finally got a full system save, including images. Prior to this, our
images were backed onto the 3995, and the IFS directory *ALWSAV
attribute was *no for the image directories.
A couple questions:
1. Since you obviously don't change 15 million images a day, if saving
only changed not an easy option, are your changed directories only a
small subset of the static directories? Is your WebDocs only populating
only a smaller set of directories and can you save only those nightly?
The other static directories could be saved once, and then set *alwsav
to *no (it's easy with subtree option). When we moved to image catalogs,
because they have a limit in size, we have 10 catalogs, but only 3 are
for new images. So we only back up the 3 each night. The other 7 are
static, and on a separate save and put in our DR collection. btw, we did
use IBM Services "special" program to convert optical platters to
Virtual Optical and the catalogs work as if real optical, only very fast.

2. If you have private authorities on the images, or any other large
number of objects, need to run this command:
PRTPRFINT SELECT(*PCTFULL) PCTFULL(0.60) Print Profile Internals
There should not be user profiles with %Private Auth Entries over 0.60
This kills the SAVSECDTA of your full save or if run separate (this we
got from support recommendation).
We set our directories and objects owned by a group, with an auth list
Work with Authority
Object . . . . . . . . . . . . : /ekdvirtual/IMGCLG01
Type . . . . . . . . . . . . . : DIR
Owner . . . . . . . . . . . . : GR_WAFEKD
Primary group . . . . . . . . : QVIGROUP
Authorization list . . . . . . : IMAGEFILES

Data --Object Authorities--
Opt User Authority Exist Mgt Alter Ref

3. There are a few quirks with image catalogs if considering this - need
to unload catalogs before save (and our catalogs large enough to take
30-40 minutes to unload all) - this probably would be a a whole thread
(and we had several postings on midrange and a few support calls).

4. We did upgrade to 7.1, a new Power 7+, newer faster drives, 3573
Ultrium 5 drive, fiber attach - saves are 30% faster.

Jim Franz

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Subject: backups of large IFS to tape

We are currently using a document management system (Webdocs) that
stores docs on the iseries IFS.

We have 15 million docs spread across 50 folders. It takes over 24
hours to back up the IFS onto tape on v5r4.

Is there a faster method to backup IFS to tape on the iseries?

Will v7r1 provide a faster backup product or service?

We need a method that will allow individual restores of objects, so
SAVSTG probably wouldn't help.

Any other ideas to speed up the backup?


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