This issue will continue to become a bigger and bigger "thorn in our sides" as IBM continues to push new functions out as "TRs", e.g. in IBM i 7.1, there are now TR1, TR2 ... TR8 ... that is 8 different "release levlels" of IBM i 7.1 -- so now, suppose you are on IBM i 7.2, and you compile a CLP or CLLE *PGM with CRTCLPGM or CRTBNDCL ... TGTRLS(V7R1M0)? But, what if you happen to use a command that was "new" at some TR level, and then you ship the *PGM to a 7.1 system that is at a lower TR level? This will be especially tricky for ISVs.

Note that the "fix" (as identified by Eric DeLong) will only work if you are certain that the command you are duplicating in fact exists on the target system, at whatever TRx level, or version / release. (I was going to suggest more or less the same thing -- glad to see there is an official IBM techdoc for this.)


Mark S. Waterbury

> On 7/11/2014 5:17 PM, Joe Roden wrote:
We have one box still on V6R1, all others on V7R1, so we compile to TGTRLS(V6R1M0).
I tried to compile a CLP with the RUNSQL statement and recevied the error:
CPF0884 30 System command RUNSQL does not exist for previous release.
RUNSQL was added to V6R1 in a DB group ptf so I could run the program on the V6R1 box.
Why don't I have a V6R1M1 or M2 or whatever option on the V7R1 CRTCLPGM command?

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