The purpose is to have the XML that has all the sheets and rows within - the XLSX is more than XML, as you know - it is a package that consists of several things - XML stuff, PNG files, etc. And is all packaged up as a PKZIP archive. And yes, I did see "openXML" in several of the XML files contained therein - so I take your point.

Those files include things like styles.xml, sharedstrings.xml, sheets.xml - the latter has SOME of the data - the non-string stuff, it appears.

If it were possible to get a single XML file with all this openXML in one place, I'd be happy as a clam - NOT in a cooking pot!

Because I want to use CGIDEV2 to create these workbooks, it has to be in a single file with XML content - the only option in Excel 2010 that I see for saving a workbook in XML format is "XML Spreadsheet 2003", so that is what I mean.

So now that we've clarified this for the other folks, do you have a solution for embedding an image in THAT XML, that will display? It would be a one-time job to get that stream in place, since, afterwards, it'd be part of one of the CGIDEV2 sections.


On 7/3/2014 4:01 PM, John Yeung wrote:

I think we need to get some clarity with terminology, which is
definitely confusing when it comes to Excel formats.

The .xlsx format used by default in modern versions of Excel *IS*
OpenXML. (It's called "Open" because it's an open standard.)

If you are talking about the XML which is generated by older (before
2007) versions of Excel, that is *not* OpenXML. That is most properly
just called Excel XML. It is sometimes referred to as "XML

And if all that isn't enough, had its own XML format as
well, which is not the same as either of the above Excel formats.
Understandably, a lot of people think of OpenOffice (formerly
StarOffice, way back when) when they see "OpenXML".

So, if you want to be sure you're on the same page with someone else,
I strongly recommend avoiding the term "OpenXML". When you said "2003
XML" (meaning XML emitted by Excel 2003), I thought that was not a bad
choice of terminology. For that format, you need to mention the 2003,
because without specifying an Excel version, many people will just
assume you mean .xlsx.

John Y.

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