This is a followup to my recent post - I haven't found anything in my googling on this - well, nothing that is helpful in an IBM i RPG context.

I have an image that comes along with a workbook when it is saved as XLSX - I want to write to the OpenXML format.

When I save the workbook as 2003 XML, the image is not there. I'm using Excel 2010, BTW.

So is there a way to stream the image into the XML? Once I can get it into the XML, I can just use it for CGIDEV2 very easily.

I've also looked at the contents of a true XLSX - a PKZIP package is what it is, with several XML files and a PNG for the image. The contents of the workbook is spread all OVER the place, so it's not practical to try to figure out where in that mess to put things. I mean, all text strings seem to be located in some "shared strings" XML file, separate from the rest, even if the string appears only one time.

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