RDARS has a print report command. Use it to print any report. Of course, when you print it, it'll be a spool file on an OUTQ. Use the RJS tools to capture the index info from the spool file, burst, and store in WebDocs.

I wrote a tool when I worked for RJS to allow the user to select any report type and date range and have them all print.

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</div>We are trying to migrate off of the rdars report storage and retrieval system.

Any ideas how to accomplish the following:

* Which report types have been retrieved in the past year or so? Are there any log files of who viewed what and when?

* Any ideas how to extract all documents of a specific report type from rdars and re-create the original spool file? Including un-bursting, unsplitting, undecolating, un-paginatiing. For example, a 100 page report was split into 20 reports based on a heading key change such as "Distribution center". We would like to combine the 20 reports back into one spool file entry in order to load into Webdocs. Or maybe not un-split.


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