FYI - we went thru a similar thing last week. When our 720 began throwing
cache-battery messages we discovered the previous admin had configured his
laptop as QCONSOLE and SST wouldn't let us login, claiming that another SST
session was already in progress. Arguing with a green-screen message is
rarely successful so the only recourse seemed to be the front panel. Since
we had to bring the box down for batteries anyway we declared Saturday a
computer-maintenance holiday and I shadowed the tech guys all day with a
notepad. Since my last hands-on was back in the days of twinax port#0, I can
attest that a lot has changed since then.

After clearing the console slots via the front panel (see link below), we
encountered a quirk during the LAN Console software install - the PC
absolutely refused to connect until we plugged it directly into port T1.
Once LAN Console was configured, we moved the PC back into the subnet which
carries our .172 traffic on T3 and all seems well. During the initial s/w
install, though only T1 would work even though T1, T2 and T3 are on the same
vlan. Technician said he thought the initial install used bootp. Maybe bootp
doesn't work with vlans?

Lessons learned:
1) Do not become lulled by IBM reliability. Someday you _will_ need the
console and it is expensive to have someone recover it for you.
2) Once configured, make sure you can safely RDP to your QCONSOLE box.
3) Configure additional, alternate LAN Console slots, CONSOLE1, CONSOLE2,

Link to IBM doc for resetting from front panel:

1) Any insight as to why the initial LAN Console config only worked with
port T1?

Thanks, JK

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Battery is not LIKELY to be swollen. However many of the batteries in
Power5 machines are held in place by an ANNOYINGLY stiff piece of
plastic. And yes, sometimes they swell too. Depending on where the
battery is though, it matters little as the power has to be off anyway
so the time added by a swollen battery is very minor.

LAN Console CAN be anywhere after the initial connection is made and the
service tools interface (a.k.a. LAN Console interface) has been stored
along with the default gateway for the network.

That said IBM maintenance agreements require the console be within some
number of feet of the server. Seems like 30 but don't quote me. However
another building is near certain to be too far away. Obviously if you're
doing maintenance and need service tools it's not too efficient to have
to walk 'next door' (or further) while doing maintenance.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 6/28/2014 12:46 AM, John McKee wrote:
There was a meeting earlier this week. Boss knows nothing of the i.

Something over a year ago, the computer configured as LAN console died. A
replacement was procured. At least one call with IBM support to get it to
work. I remember a sequence of 65+21 and options to reset the connection
and allow connection of the new computer. Somewherein there, I seem to
recall reading that the LAN console had to be on the same subnet as the i.
I don't recall if I read it or thought I did.

Boss floated the idea of moving the LAN console from just outside the
computer room to another building. The buildings are network connected.

Am I right that LAN console won't work on a different subnet? This is a
520 stuck on v5r4m0. To be powered off permanently on an undisclosed (to
me) date.

Idea was also floated to discontinue hardware maintenance in January. I
did point out that the cache battery would reach fail not too long after
that, and that at least one person here had to have CE "persuade" old
swollen battery out. I gave them the latest estimated warn and fail days.
Something like 180 and 240 - but that was hours ago and my memory is not

So, these questions:
1) Is it more likely the battery just pops out or that it will be
2) How long did CE have to work to get swollen battery out?
3) And, finally, is my memory right that LAN console has to be on same
subnet? I can't even remember where I read that tidbit or even if I did.


John McKee

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