Actually, I used wrong term on network address. Where the i is currently,
the LAN console (and one of the i's network cards) in on 172.16.x.x. The
other card is 10.x.x.x, which is what the other building is on. That may
or may not matter. The walking part would. Just seems so much like that
manual I downloaded had stated somewhere that IP address was important.
Exact wording was what memory clobbered. If I can find the manual I
downloaded and find where I read about addressing, it would be helpful. I
miss printed manuals. I can't even remember if the PDF was one of those
oddball manuals where pages were formatted for landscape.

Years ago, console (and line printer) were in what was called the "computer
room". Printer was booted out when server manager complained that filters
were getting paper dust on them. I guess it is better to have filters that
never need to be cleaned. LAN console went with printer, which made forms
changes better. They are in a room right next to "server room" (retitled
now). But getting from where they are to "server room" door still takes
maybe 20 seconds. Line printer has not been used in a very long time
(years). Last use was for statements, and they weren't even removed.

Last battery replacement was scheduled by now gone sa. I saw CE and he
showed me the new battery. Doesn't sound like the time to learn about the
replacement process to me. I am thinking if the uppers are dead set on
dropping hardware maintenance and still using the machine, that they should
at least delay that until the known issue of battery replacement is past.
This will likely be the last battery replacement before permanent
shutdown. But, doesn't dropping of hardware maintenance almost guarantee a
hardware failure? Particularly on older hardware?

John McKee

On Sun, Jun 29, 2014 at 7:32 AM, Jim Oberholtzer <
midrangel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Why not add a second PC as a LAN console? Then you get what the boss wants
and honor the maintenance agreement as well. BTW: The reason for locating
the console next to the machine is so when you are replacing parts you can
start the process and you have time to get to the part (say a disk unit)
pull it while the system is ready for it to be pulled. The insert is the
same way. Correcting a busted part is going to be near impossible with the
console in another building (without help of course) but now you need two
folks that have a clue about how to change a part out.

I'd put the odds of the battery being antagonistic to change at 80% or
better, but Larry's right you'll almost certainly shut down the machine
anyway so it's not really that big a deal, UNLESS you've never changed one
out before and you're not quite expert on hardware. Then it can be a bit
more of a challenge, very doable, but frustrating and very annoying as

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

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Battery is not LIKELY to be swollen. However many of the batteries in
Power5 machines are held in place by an ANNOYINGLY stiff piece of plastic.
And yes, sometimes they swell too. Depending on where the battery is
it matters little as the power has to be off anyway so the time added by a
swollen battery is very minor.

LAN Console CAN be anywhere after the initial connection is made and the
service tools interface (a.k.a. LAN Console interface) has been stored
with the default gateway for the network.

That said IBM maintenance agreements require the console be within some
number of feet of the server. Seems like 30 but don't quote me. However
another building is near certain to be too far away. Obviously if you're
doing maintenance and need service tools it's not too efficient to have to
walk 'next door' (or further) while doing maintenance.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 6/28/2014 12:46 AM, John McKee wrote:
There was a meeting earlier this week. Boss knows nothing of the i.

Something over a year ago, the computer configured as LAN console
died. A replacement was procured. At least one call with IBM support
to get it to work. I remember a sequence of 65+21 and options to
reset the connection and allow connection of the new computer.
Somewherein there, I seem to recall reading that the LAN console had to
on the same subnet as the i.
I don't recall if I read it or thought I did.

Boss floated the idea of moving the LAN console from just outside the
computer room to another building. The buildings are network connected.

Am I right that LAN console won't work on a different subnet? This is
520 stuck on v5r4m0. To be powered off permanently on an undisclosed
me) date.

Idea was also floated to discontinue hardware maintenance in January.
I did point out that the cache battery would reach fail not too long
after that, and that at least one person here had to have CE
"persuade" old swollen battery out. I gave them the latest estimated
and fail days.
Something like 180 and 240 - but that was hours ago and my memory is
not so good.

So, these questions:
1) Is it more likely the battery just pops out or that it will be
2) How long did CE have to work to get swollen battery out?
3) And, finally, is my memory right that LAN console has to be on
same subnet? I can't even remember where I read that tidbit or even if I


John McKee

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