I keep saying there are tools out there which will determine which would
most benefit from being on SSD. I sent some links to help with that.
The counter to that is you have to determine if you need to override that.
I tried to give you an example of a specific process that we wanted to
run faster and to heck with the tools recommendation to put a bunch of
stream files used by Domino on there instead. I asked you if there was an
overriding concern similar to that. All I got in reply was a CEO level
generic response of "I want to improve disk access times, especially for
long running batch jobs.". So, if there are no particular batch jobs that
are of concern then look at the recommendations that the tool will do and
tell it to go ahead. However, if the tool says it's going to move data to
SSD's that are not really of any concern by these batch jobs then is that
of any use?

For example, let's say you are currently quite pleased with your
interactive response time. Everything is subsecond and there is no "key
think" time. Let's say interactive processes use mainly files A001-A025.
Intensely. Now, let's say your batch processes use mainly files
B051-B099. The tools may say that files A001-A025 get the most use and
they should be moved to SSD. Kind of defeats the purpose of buying SSD's
for you, eh?

Rob Berendt

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