VIOS just got a lot more expensive to do right unless I am missing I am

IBM ( at least in the past ) has recommended Dual VIOS servers and when
talking to support they are amazed if you are not. So on Power7 say a
6 drive Split Backplane $800 ( mirror VIOS drives ) Approx $800 US List
Pair of 5805 SAS Raid Controllers Approx $4,400 US List
Total with disks, cables etc.Approx $5,200 US List

Power8 Config say S814 6Core
18 Drive backplane with Dual raid controllers with a nice level of cache.
Can attached say at EXP24S and fill the 18 internal slots ( but can't
really do DUAL VIOS as IBM recommends ) $4,000 Very good Bang for the Buck
HW wise )

6+6 Backplane with dual controllers suitable to run VIOS ( EJ0N w/EJ0S )
Approx $2,000 US List ( Very Reasonable )
The Only External SAS Raid controllers with Cache (12GB ) are $14,000 a
pair. Now I understand That is a pair of High Perf. Controllers. But if you
don't need to hang 96HDDs, Heck I have had good performance with a lot of
systems with the 5805 Controllers with up to 48drives ( you mileagel may
very )

So on a E4D 6core to do VIOS as recommended is about $5,200 for disk
controllers and slots for VIOS on a S814 6Core the it's about $16,000.

IBM Please consider a FC5805 type SAS Controllers in that $4,400 price range


Power7 8202-E4D
6 drive Split Backplane $800 (
Pair of 5805 SAS Raid Controllers $4,400

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