Hi Mike,

In our shop (as well as my previous job, etc) we always have all of our jobs set to *NOLIST by default. I guess you have yours set to *SECLVL by default because you always want to keep a job log of everything you do?

That's what I would look into first... why are your jobs like that? If there's some legal or policy that requires you to save them, you may have to do so with your QShell job logs as well. That policy would probably tell you how long to save them.

Otherwise, I wouldn't bother saving QShell job logs. Unless there's an error (in which case *NOLIST will still print it) there's really nothing useful in them.


On 6/19/2014 7:49 AM, Mike Cunningham wrote:

I do notice that every qshell command I run creates two additional
joblogs with user data QZSHSH and QP0ZSPWP. Is there ever anything in
these joblogs that would make it worth keeping for a few days? I
found some recommendations on how to stop them from being created
(CHGJOB *NOLIST just before the STRQSH) or a DLTSPLF run on a regular

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