On 10-Jun-2014 11:57 -0500, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Should these receivers even be in QSYS?

That inquiry seems possibly to have been influenced by the lack of the OP having shown that the output was from a DSPJRNRCVA of a specific *JRNRCV, for which neither the receiver name nor its library name was included. There was no implication that the receivers were in the library QSYS, only that the *JRN [named QAUDJRN] associated with that Journal Receiver was in the library QSYS. If there was no such influence on the origin of that inquiry, or merely FWiW as more general interest, then...

Journal Receivers should never be created in QSYS. They are potentially /disturbing/ to install and both save and recovery [install] scenarios with both DSLO and SAVSYS. They are best avoided rather than trying to figure out how to resolve any issues that might result from having created any there; i.e. I doubt that the issues that they cause [due to naming and auto-creation with a different name], are either generally eliminated or otherwise easily overcome [most notably, the likelihood of eventual name collision causing problems with either user-managed or system-managed receiver management processing].

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