I know where you can get one with over 100 platters if you're interested.
I'm sure your clay pigeon flinger can be modified to accept them.


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Completely valid complaint.

Power8: NO HSL, NO 12X, NO IOP, NO PCI-X, NO SCSI. And remind me again
what was a 3995. :-)

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 6/9/2014 3:05 PM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I really don't look at sysplans all that much but is this some sort of
standard obsolete message:

- WARNING -- when a 2749 attaches a 3995 Optical Library DataServer, the
2749 must not be placed under the same IOP which drives the
Load Source DASD

This really shouldn't apply to a Power 8, right?
For one, isn't a Power 8 going to ask WTF is an IOP?

How about this?
- WARNING -- switching SCSI tape cards that can potentially control disk
(for example 5712) may not be switched between dissimilar operating
Does a Power 8 even support SCSI tape drives? If it does, it doesn't
support SCSI disk, right? Either exclusion kills the warning message,

Rob Berendt

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