I don't know an easy way to do this based on creation date, but if you're willing to use the last modified/changed date, then it should be pretty easy to do with QShell.

Actually, I wonder if the last modified date wouldn't be a better idea, anyway -- you'd want to back it up if it has been modified, wouldn't you? Unless things are never modified after they are created -- in which case, it wouldn't matter which date you used, they'd always be the same, right?

On 5/21/2014 1:44 PM, Adam Driver wrote:

Does anyone have any recommendations to move IFS files (a lot!) from
one directory to another based on creation date. The idea is to omit
the new location from the backup to reduce the backup time. We would
want to schedule this say once a month. I'm open to scripting in
QSH, although my Unix skills are basic, or a tool that might be out

Thanks in advance.

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