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Did you know, that if a job submitted from AJS, is put on
hold in the jobq before it becomes active, AJS will not
submit any future jobs for this job.

That's interesting. I don't think I've run into this
before. Thank you.

I must admit that I too think this is probably the Right
Thing. A user-settable option might be nice -- a per-job
user-settable option even better -- but in general I think
the assumption is that a given job will perform the same
processing no matter when it is submitted; and therefore if
you've held one instance of the job, there would be no
reason you would want another instance jumping in.

So, actually I would be curious about what the specifics of
your case are. Is there logic in the program called that
does different things depending on when it is run? Or does
the job depend on its own output from a previous run? --
something like that?

Unfortunately, we have some things set up like that where I
work (set up that way before my time, mind) but fortunately
we don't have many jobs scheduled to run more than once a
day, so this hasn't come up. In a few cases we have created
duplicate jobs with the same call but a different schedule
(FOOJOB1 and FOOJOB2, for example). We've done that not
because of the issue you reported, but just because AJS's
calendar is so inflexible. (And it would get out of hand
quickly if you wanted to run the job every five minutes.)

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