Sometimes PTFs that are replaced by newer PTFs move to 'superseded' status.
Sometimes PTFs that are replaced by newer PTFs just stay 'Permanently applied.'

Effectively they are the same as you cannot remove either a superseded PTF or a Permanently applied.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 5/20/2014 3:20 PM, Steinmetz, Paul wrote:

Maybe I didn't ask the question properly.
Most of the time a PTF that has been replaced with newer code, states superceded.
In this case, PTF states Permanently applied, even though there is newer, replacement PTF.
Is any of the Permanently applied code in effect?


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SI50997 was superseded by SI52200

Let's suppose that SI50997 was flawed. And caused your system to hang and disk to automatically reformat all drives in ASP 1, after posting your pay scale at wikileaks, and all documents involving current litigation on Facebook. Now, let's say IBM came out with a fix and called it SI52200.
You download it and apply it. SI52200 changes SI50997 from applied to superceeded (by SI52200).
Now let me ask you, is that really a difference?

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If a PTF is superseded, is there an issue if on one LPAR it states Perm
Applied instead of Superseded.
SI50997 was superseded by SI52200.

Lpar A
SI52200 Permanently applied
SI50997 Superseded

Lpar B
SI52200 Temporarily applied
SI50997 Permanently applied ???????

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