I was looking for a log of FTP traffic connecting to an IBM i V6R1 box,
specifically to check for errors.

Infocenter recommends checking the spooled joblogs for the FTP server jobs
named QTFTPnnnnn where nnnnn is the job number of the fTP server job
submitting to the FTP server.

WRKACTJOB JOB(QTFTP*) lists 6 QTFTP jobs running in subsystem QSYSWRK

However, each of the 6 jobs is creating a new SPLF every minute or so but,
within a job, these logs are not wrapped but all start from the beginning
of the job plus an incremental update since the previous log got created!

Also, each joglog splf is several hundred pages with each successive log
larger due to the increments.

Each joblog, for all server jobs, contains just one message: TCP12F5: “FTP
server unable to determine system name” repeated countless times.

Additionally I tried some FTP connection tests to the server; the
connections worked okay but there was no reference to the connection in the

FTP and FTPS connections work fine on this server but what config change is
required to stop message TCP12F5 and instead see the actual connection logs?



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