David - Had to start a reply in order to see who sent the post - sender didn't put in his name, which is fine, of course.

Viewing source, I saw the sender's name in the From: - but viewing all headers in Thunderbird (View option), it shows From: as Midrange something.

Good luck, man, hope you find a way around this.


On 5/16/2014 10:05 AM, David Gibbs via MIDRANGE-L wrote:
On 5/16/2014 10:00 AM, Charles Wilt via MIDRANGE-L wrote:
But does that mean it will be impossible to send an off list post to
a list poster?
It will definitely be more difficult to determine the OP's email address, unless it's specifically stated in the email.

Yahoo & AOL are to blame here. They decided that the credo of 'first do no harm' doesn't apply to them. Their policy change not only effected their own users but the blow back effected the rest of the internet also.

There are other enhancements in the latest release of the mailing list software that I need to play with that might help in this regard. I'm going to be setting up a test system to experiment with it this weekend.


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