I've not encountered any issues with the 'random port grab'. Have you seen it take a port from another service? When I have looked at this in the past and I just reviewed them again the ports seem to be on the loopback interface only. Some of the ADMINx jobs communicate with each other that way.

I do agree that an auto refresh option would be a great addition. The HMC does it well so you'd think they could 'borrow' some code from there or at least a technique that works.

I am using FF 29 and that stores the exception no issue. Scrolling is zippy fast as well. Your issue 'smells' perhaps of an AV product that is attempting to keep your browsing safe, just a hunch.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 5/15/2014 4:00 PM, Justin Taylor wrote:

The number 1 thing keeping me from using it under 7.1 is the lack of an auto-refresh. And then there's the dangerous practice under 7.1 to grab a random port at startup, regardless if it's a dedicated port used by another IBM service. If they fixed those glaring deficiencies (and added MGTC integration) in 7.2, I would consider converting.

I'm getting the certificate warning also and FF doesn't give me the option of adding a permanent exception. Also, mouse scrolling in FF is so slow that it's unusable.

i Access for Windows 7.1 is supported thru Win8 and IBM i 7.2. The big question is whether it will run on Win9.

For speed, of course the Windows client is faster. For most things though, the web UI is good enough for me. Active Jobs takes just a few seconds.

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