On 14-May-2014 03:40 -0500, Erwin Donker wrote:

I know job QZLSFILE is a prestart job that handles connection
requests to a NetServer file share. This job runs in the QSERVER
subsystem under userID QUSER. When a user makes a connection, there
will be an entry in the joblog with message CPIAD12 stating
"Servicing user profile <UserID> from client <insert IP here>".

Now recently I saw a job QZLSFILE in subsystem QSERVER running under
a non-IBM user profile. The job is not in the system anymore and I
also can't find it in QHST.

Define "I saw". Perhaps the interface presenting the information was showing the Current User for the job rather than the user name as part of the qualified job name; and that user happened to have been connected when the information being viewed had last been refreshed?

My question is: does anybody know why this job was running under a
normal user profile and not QUSER? Why was this user not serviced
within one of the QUSER jobs?

Ignoring the prior alluded misinterpretation [as the IMO likely issue], the attributes of the PJ in the subsystem attributes [DSPSBSD QSERVER, option-10 "Display Prestart Job Entries", option-5 "Display Details"] name the User Profile (USER) established via specification from either the Add Prestart Job Entry (ADDPJE) or Change Prestart Job Entry (CHGPJE). The history or auditing might have information about a change. Had the User Profile for the PJE been changed however, likely the DSPLOG QHST would have logged an entry [e.g. job ended per "not in the system anymore"] when searching for the non-IBM user profile. The *SBSD object would have its changed-date\time updated for either PJE request, so that might identify a time period for a change.

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