Is 7.2 just a 'rollup' cume with a funny name?

I've been reading the 7.2 Memo To Users, which leads to the IBM
Knowledge Center

Apparently, the change marks refer to the changes between IBM i 7.1 TR0
and IBM i 7.2 TR0, because I see RUNSQL
and I already have that on 7.1 TR7. The PDF shows similar change marks.

I sympathise with IBM's documentation problem, I really do. What with
all the national languages, the Technology Refreshes and PTFs that have
added additional functionality in between releases, it's nigh unto
impossible for me to keep track of what things are provided in what time

One simple change mark from TR0 to TR0 no longer cuts it for those of us
who've stayed current in PTFs. The documentation really, really needs
to help me understand what bits of the OS need to be installed on YOUR
system in order for you to compile and run some sample code from MY
system. I can't even say '7.1 TR7' because there have been important
RPG compiler developments shipped outside TR7 via a PTF.

How about HTML hyperlinks for 'New since TR0, TR1, TR2', etc?

ps, In honour of The Bard of Avon's 450th birthday, I'm emulating him by
coining a new term: TR0, meaning the bare bones IBM i release as of the
day it hit the street. No PTFs applied, no Technology Refreshes loaded,
just the pure release as documented in the Information Center.

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