Here is the pic from Service Tools:

Set ASP Unit Type Model Name Status
1 57B5 001 DC14 RAID 5
2 2 19B0 099 DMP064 Active
2 3 19B0 099 DMP066 Active
2 5 19B0 099 DMP040 Active
2 4 19B0 099 DMP042 Active
* * 19B1 090 DMP080 Active
* * 19B1 090 DMP085 Active

Note that the 19B0s are 139G and the 19B1s are 283s....

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 4/26/2014 11:39 PM, DrFranken wrote:

In a first for me as I did not think it possible. I added two disks to a
partition that had both 139s and 283s. The 139s are in ASP(2) and there
are only 6 of those. The 283s are ASP(1) and the two RAID sets there are
at the limit of 18 drives each.

After initializing the two drives (they are used) I selected 'Include in
RAID protection' in SST. I didn't read the confirmation screen closely
enough and let them add to RAID.

When I went to add them to the ASP I DID read that confirmation screen
to confirm that I would be adding 566 GB but NO it was only 278! Upon
further review of the RAID sets I saw that the 283GB drives were now
part of a 139GB drive raid set and only that much of their capacity was
in use.

Didn't know this was even possible....

5913 RAID cards on POWER7 with TR6 of IBM i 7.1...

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