While even the 7.1 Infocenter lists the EDTDOC command and how to use it,
it will die with
OFC8019 - Required module not on system.

"In February 1999, IBM announced that OS/400 Version 4 Release 4 is the
last release of the operating system that OfficeVision/400..."

I think a riot ensued and IBM kept it limping along on V4R5.

I'm surprised you've had it running as long as you have. From the V5R1
memo to users:
OfficeVision for AS/400 (5769-WP1) no longer supported With V5R1, IBM
OfficeVision® for AS/400 (5769–WP1) is not supported. OfficeVision has not
been updated since V4R2 and there are changes in OS/400 V5R1 that cause
the products to be incompatible. During the upgrade to V5R1, the
OfficeVision product is deleted from the system; however, your data is not
deleted. Prior to the upgrade, you should delete the enrollments for your
OfficeVision users and delete all mail, calendars, documents, and folders
that you no longer need, unless you plan to use replacement products to
access that data. Users who reinstall OfficeVision on V5R1 should not
expect it to run correctly.

There were a few obstinate people who did reinstall it. "Tricks" can come
to bite you in the bum. (Hey, that rhymes!)

There is no way, no how, this will continue to run on 6.1 or 7.1. See
ANZOBJCVN. You're really better off to DLTLICPGM this. Otherwise the
programs called by DLTLICPGM won't work after you upgrade past V5R4.
Because they too will not pass ANZOBJCVN.

Understand, we had EDTDOC imbedded all over in code. It was our version
of variable length text fields. Twas a bummer to lose it.

Rob Berendt

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