Oh, yeah - the fix is to be sure to close, when done, every FD you get from opening files in the IFS - as well as sockets, which come out of the same pool.

Don't depend on the system to do it for you.


On 4/15/2014 12:10 PM, John Allen wrote:
Running V6.1 We have system that creates a lot of files in
the IFS, recently we started getting an error (lots of them

CPF9897 socket(): Too many open files for this process.

Apparently there are a lot of File Descriptors being left
allocated during this process.

I have not tracked down the program at issue here (I am
thinking some program is not closing the file)

But my question is, until I can find the culprit and get it
fixed is there a way to force all the open file descriptors
to close or deallocate (not sure of the correct term)

'999999')(where 99999 is the job number from the job getting
this error)

A lot of foreign stuff in the report but I do see:

Max Number of Descriptors Allowed (size) 524282

Max Number of Descriptors Allocated 47

Min Deallocated Descriptor 45

1) I need something to do short term to get this
program running

2) Then I will need to track this issue down

Any Suggestions on #1 or #2 would be greatly appreciated


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