Defining the "communication mechanism" is mostly about the HTTP transport. Most of the web services I've seen are using the POST method to conduct the transaction. You build the request XML, then POST that document to the supplied URI. The connection is held until the response XML is sent back to requester.

I have only ever done SOAP binding in WSDL, so I'm not sure how to advise. Here's the docs, perhaps that might help...

-Eric DeLong

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Thanks Charles.
I think I may have a problem though, in that I don't know the details that I may (or may not?) need. For starters, I don't yet know if I am dealing with a SOAP or REST service. Or can I declare that in my WSDL and expect the service to play along with whichever I've chosen?
The reference you pointed me to says:
"A WSDL description contains all the details of a Web service, including:
The service's URL. [Got that]
The communication mechanisms it understands. [No clue - is that needed?]
What operations it can perform. [Got that]
The structure of its messages." [Apparently most are strings, so i can probably fake that]

...and it also says:
"There are four child elements of description that together encapsulate all of the details about a Web service:
Not sure what I need for those.

I'm not there yet. I do appreciate the help though.
-- Michael
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Personally, I'd just build the XML manually. It's pretty basic and not
SOAP based; SOAP services are where a WSDL really helps.

If you really want to look at creating a WSDL manually, this might


On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 9:33 AM, Koester, Michael <mkoester@data->wrote:

New project: Communicate through a web service to some other outfit
to set up, modify, enable/disable, etc., email and other services.
This will be integrated with our Service Order maintenance
running on our IBM Power, in ILE-RPG. I've consumed web services
before. I can handle this.

First obstacle: I am told that this is to be done through their "web
service" (quotes intentional), but when I requested access to the
WSDL, I was referred to the care and feeding document. Said document
is a PDF containing descriptions of how to perform various operations
through various snippets of XML. Cool. I asked again where to find
the WSDL, and was told "haven't got one." Oh.

Perhaps I can construct one, and paste in the XML pieces? This web
service (my contact refers to the "app") is not publicly available,
which may explain why they don't have a WSDL. Perhaps this has never
been requested by other clients they've invited to share the app

Question: How do I fudge up a WSDL that will include all the
necessary pieces to satisfy WSDL2RPG stub generators?

Second obstacle: I'm still waiting for SysOp to get the updates
installed to allow my access to "Web Administration for i". I
there is a wizard or two there that would help, but I can't get there
yet. We are on
7.1 (still waiting for TR7 too).

One of the operations from the care and feeding manual looks like
[I do have the URL of where the XML gets sent to, as well as the user
and password referenced in the authenticate tag]

To suspend the user, issue the following command:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

So given that I may be rolling my own WSDL by hand, can someone point
me to some useful details? My goal is to have a suitable WSDL to be
accessed by WSDL2RPG.

Many thanks,
Michael Koester


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