Thanks Charles.
I think I may have a problem though, in that I don't know the details that I may (or may not?) need. For starters, I don't yet know if I am dealing with a SOAP or REST service. Or can I declare that in my WSDL and expect the service to play along with whichever I've chosen?
The reference you pointed me to says:
"A WSDL description contains all the details of a Web service, including:
The service's URL. [Got that]
The communication mechanisms it understands. [No clue - is that needed?]
What operations it can perform. [Got that]
The structure of its messages." [Apparently most are strings, so i can probably fake that]

...and it also says:
"There are four child elements of description that together encapsulate all of the details about a Web service:
Not sure what I need for those.

I'm not there yet. I do appreciate the help though.
-- Michael
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Personally, I'd just build the XML manually. It's pretty basic and not
SOAP based; SOAP services are where a WSDL really helps.

If you really want to look at creating a WSDL manually, this might


On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 9:33 AM, Koester, Michael <mkoester@data->wrote:

New project: Communicate through a web service to some other outfit
to set up, modify, enable/disable, etc., email and other services.
This will be integrated with our Service Order maintenance
running on our IBM Power, in ILE-RPG. I've consumed web services
before. I can handle this.

First obstacle: I am told that this is to be done through their "web
service" (quotes intentional), but when I requested access to the
WSDL, I was referred to the care and feeding document. Said document
is a PDF containing descriptions of how to perform various operations
through various snippets of XML. Cool. I asked again where to find
the WSDL, and was told "haven't got one." Oh.

Perhaps I can construct one, and paste in the XML pieces? This web
service (my contact refers to the "app") is not publicly available,
which may explain why they don't have a WSDL. Perhaps this has never
been requested by other clients they've invited to share the app

Question: How do I fudge up a WSDL that will include all the
necessary pieces to satisfy WSDL2RPG stub generators?

Second obstacle: I'm still waiting for SysOp to get the updates
installed to allow my access to "Web Administration for i". I
there is a wizard or two there that would help, but I can't get there
yet. We are on
7.1 (still waiting for TR7 too).

One of the operations from the care and feeding manual looks like
[I do have the URL of where the XML gets sent to, as well as the user
and password referenced in the authenticate tag]

To suspend the user, issue the following command:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

So given that I may be rolling my own WSDL by hand, can someone point
me to some useful details? My goal is to have a suitable WSDL to be
accessed by WSDL2RPG.

Many thanks,
Michael Koester


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