If you're PTF/Group host partition is on the same box as the other
partitions use the VLAN over the backplane. Make sure to heed the
recommendations regarding frame sizes, they are not really recommendations,
more like requirements.

Since we are mostly using 4 port Ethernet cards now; If the systems are
co-located in the same room, I have been using one of the empty ports on
each system and directly connecting a cable between the systems (no
switch/router/hub etc. device) then configuring the connection the same way
I do the VLAN. We have been finding it to be nearly as fast as the
backplane VLAN. I almost always use a Cat6 cable but I don't think that
really matters. Now you can use the same NFS technique between systems in
the same location.

It works well over a LAN/WAN but is slower due to the overhead of the

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

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I keep thinking about trying this. I have 11 lpars. But when I get started
I'm normally under some crunch. Or the NFS is recommended over vlan and
that would be a local lpar to that frame. Well, I rarely bring down just
one lpar on that rack without bringing them all down and that can be a
problem if they're too dependent on each other.

Still, I need to give this more effort.

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Any input to how promising this is on 6.1 and 7.1 Looking to test this
and wanted to see how well it works. Can these images be on a PC as well
or must they be on NFS IBM I.

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