You just hit the nail on the head. Yes the programmer is using an application pool. Now for the funny part, the connections are all being used by other applications and servers so when his app runs in the morning, he has no available connections and it crashes. So since I am not a JAVA programmer and the programmer in question is not an iSeries programmer, how can we define the connection for a Red Hat Linux 6 server running Tomcat and a JAVA application? He is using a JDBC connection and when he gets in I will ask what tool kit he is using to establish the connection. I believe it is from the JT400 but I will not swear to it.

Chris Bipes
Director of Information Services
CrossCheck, Inc.

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I think you're missing something somewhere...

My understanding is that when a job is reused, it is reset. This should
include the library list.

Sounds like you've got a connection pool on the app side that isn't
actually releasing the job for reuse on the i side. Note that this also
means that changing reuse to 1, won't have an effect.

And the connection pool isn't handling the differences in connection
properties right.

I've heard of funny issues when you inadvertently have multiple layers of
connections pools. For example, connection pools in a Java app itself
along with another layer of connection pools in the application server.

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