You said that you "copied" the user ... but you did not say how you did that ... if you used option 3=Copy on the WRKUSRPRF panel, that will NOT copy or create directory entries.

The old QDLS file system was based on SNA -- originally you had to use an SNA "router" to access "shared folders" from a PC ... so, you have to "register" an SNA style "userID" that has two parts, a username and systemname, 8 characters each. Without this, you cannot access any QDLS folders or documents.

Suppose your system name is "S1234567" -- and let's say you create a user profile named "GIO" -- then you need to use option 1 on the WRKDIRE panel to add a directory entry named "GIO S1234567" and on the fourth line, the "User profile" must specify "GIO". -- or issue the ADDDIRE command as shown below:


If you then copy the GIO user profile, using option 3=Copy on the WRKUSRPRF panel, to say, GIO2, then must also do this:


Then, GIO2 would be able to access QDLS folders and documents, subject to the constraints of normal OS/400 security and authority -- e.g. see also the DSPDLOAUT and EDTDLOAUT commands (or option 14=Authority on the WRKFLR panel)...

Also note that QDLS has been considered to be "deprecated" for many years now ...

Why continue to use the QDLS file system? It is at least 5 times slower than the IFS, and is limited to the old PC-DOS "8.3" naming conventions.

Create IFS directories with the same names as your QDLS folders, then copy all of the documents into these directories, and you should then be able to move away from using QDLS and so eliminate the requirement for system directory entries (unless you still use SNADS commands like SNDNETF, SNDDST, etc.).

Hope that helps,

Mark S. Waterbury

> On 3/30/2014 9:58 AM, gio.cot wrote:
Hi all

with my user, if i try to access to folders inside the QDLS via Windows
Explorer ,the pc don't show me the folders's list inside the QDLS; instead
if i click on the Docs folder (Not in QDLS but in Ifs Root) i see all
folders inside Docs. I have checked:

* wrkdire, and here my user is registered
* autorization for QDLS and it seems Ok
* If i open QDLS with op navigator it works fine
* In Qsysopr i don't see any message like "user disabled for

what can i check to find the problem ? Keep in mind that the user that
works, was created copying my user that don't work

thanks in advance


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