On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 2:20 PM, Monnier, Gary <Gary.Monnier@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
One suggestion though. How about replacing Modernization
with Disengaging from TN5250 or Decoupling from TN5250 or
maybe Migrating your IBM i to Multiple Clients or some other
phrase? I've noticed over the years the term modernization
tends to isolate the subject. It implies old and no one likes
being called old.

Jon Paris answered:
Simple answer Gary. A lot of the book has nothing to do with
5250. It concerns topics like database modernization, interfacing
via XML, etc. etc.

I don't disagree that there can be a slight negative to the
"Modernization" handle - but can't think of a better one.

Besides agreeing with Jon Paris, I would also note that the suggested
alternatives are too unwieldy, in my opinion. I mean, even if we were
talking about a book which ONLY covers user interface, "Disengaging
from TN5250" and "Decoupling from TN5250" sound too... um... uncatchy,
and perhaps aimed at electricians or something.

"Migrating your IBM i to Multiple Clients" is definitely better
(again, for a more limited book), but I still personally like having
modernization in the title. The reason is that the slight negative
implication is actually desirable. It provides a sense of impetus for
the reader. If your title is completely neutral and flat, it sounds
academic and a little pointless. (Everything works right now. Why
bother migrating?)

To put it another way: When you see the word "modernization" do you
see criticism or opportunity? If you're so focused on the criticism
side of the coin that the title of the book turns you off, I'm not
sure whether anything is going to help you. (Generic "you" of course;
I'm not talking about Gary or anyone in particular.)

John Y.

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