One added note, which I thought was strange.,
V6R1 to V7R1 upgrade resulted in a gain of 2% or 58 gb.
I would have thought the opposite.

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For confirmation and for the archives, I have some DSLO image questions that hopefully will make the next i5/os upgrade better/smoother/faster.
In addition to the dedicated save before and save after, V7R1 OS upgrade was only 30 minutes, customization afterwards, 1 1/2 hours.

1) I used installation profile QIBMRPLRLS. This was fine except for iSeries Access 5770XE1, target was already at V7R1, but not latest SL, SI49800.
The source LPAR that built the image was at SI50567 Permanently applied.
Using installation profile QRPLRELLVL instead would have been a better choice, 5770XE1 would have been updated with the latest SL from the DSLO image.

2) I was missing a LLP product as part of my image, I didn't realize until after the upgrade. Is it correct that if do a 11=Work with object links on the image catalog, you should see an entry for each LPP you intend to upgrade. If you don't see one, then that LPP is not part of the image and will not be upgraded.

3) If you have any i5/os customization, I could have applied that customization to the source LPAR that built the image, thus after upgrade, you would not have to do the customization, customization restored as part of the image. This will shorten the down window. Some IBM commands are always customized and we change some defaults on all IBM printfiles.
TAATOOLs must be upgraded with each i5/os. Because TAATOOLS is release dependent, you can't install the new version ahead of time. However, I could have included TAATOOLS as part of the DSLO image, but then would need a user-defined installation program. Has anyone ever done this?

4) I included my lic keys at part of the image, however, they were not restored, not sure why at this point?

Any other DSLO image tips, etc, would be deeply appreciated.

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