You obviously have multiple raid sets. Some of them have the striping
spread across 8 drives (see 61744's). Some of them across 4 drives (see
52923's). The full 70's are those in a raid set that do not contain any
of the striping, (or just not in a raid set at all, but I'll assume you
didn't do that). You also have six 140's with the raid striping spread
across 4 of the 6 drives.

IDK about 'critical' but you could always run STRASPBAL. The default is
to balance on size. You may want to run that. After that's been calm for
awhile (like days) you may want to run the TRCASPBAL and then the
STRASPBAL *USAGE. This will rebalance your disks with spreading the I/O
around more as the target then simply spreading size.

When you balance by size don't be surprised if they all have the same
percent full. However being at 79% on a 70GB drive and 79% on a 140GB
drive could have some performance impacts.

Hey, who doesn't have multiple drive sizes? But there are reasons there
are cautions about this, and recommendations to split them off into ASP's
and whatnot. I just hate creating the islands of wasted space by using
multiple ASP's.

Rob Berendt

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