I've set up a service partition and a guest partition. On the service
partition I created a virtual Ethernet adapter and one on the client
partition using the same VLAN id. I have 2 line descriptions, one for the
physical and one for the virtual created on the service partition. I have a
line description created for the virtual adapter on the client partition. I
then created the routing for the physical adapter with a public address and
routing for each of the virtual adapters. I used NAT to map the private
address of partition 2 (client) to the public address of partition 1
(service). I thought I had this set up correctly, but I am unable to see
the public interface from the network. Did I do something incorrectly? I
am able to see another interface on partition 1 that is not bridged. Any
help would be appreciated.

Anna Abt
Director of Programming
CYBRA Corporation
(914)963-6600 Ext 207

<http://www.cybra.com/> www.cybra.com

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