This is a very common error that can have many different causes. All it means is that the program is trying to use a variable that's not stored in a valid address in memory (or it's address is *NULL)

The most common cause occurs when the program tries to use a parameter that the caller has not passed. (For example, if the caller passes two parameters, and the called program tries to refer to a 3rd parameter.)

To resolve the error, you'll need to find the exact cause and fix the code. If this 3rd party program is being called from one of your programs, it may be that you're missing a parameter, if so you can probably fix it rather easily.

But, if the 3rd party program was called from another 3rd party program, or if the error doesn't appear to be caused by a missing parameter, then I'd contact the support for whomever wrote the program, tell them how to reproduce the problem, and ask them to fix it.

On 3/16/2014 1:17 PM, Steinmetz, Paul wrote:
Periodically, our one 3rd party application results in a MCH3601 Pointer not set for location referenced. A pointer was used, either directly or as a basing
pointer, that has not been set to an address.

What could be the cause of the MCH3601?
What can be captured to resolve the issue?

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