There is no "program" to "compile" when creating a *MENU with SDA ... =-O

When you created this menu with SDA, did you press F10=Commands to enter your commands? If not, then you created a "menu" with NO actual commands, so the message file is empty. :-P

When you create a "menu" with SDA, you end up with 5 "objects":

1. a QMNUSRC source member with the member name of your menu,
containing the DDS for the display file to show the menu
2. a QMNUSRC member with the same member name + "QQ", containing the
commands for each numbered menu option
3. a *MENU object (not a *PGM) that "points to" a *FILE DSPF, and a
*MSGF (for "display file menus")
4. a *FILE DSPF, that is the display file to show the "menu" on the screen
5. a *MSGF that contains one message ID for each numbered menu option
that has a command -- the message text is the command

So, that is a total of 5 things, 2 source members and 3 objects.

Now, if you were to create a UIM menu, you would have only this:

1. a single QPNLSRC member, with the name of the menu -- this would
contain UIM (PNLGRP) source defining the menu and the commands to
execute for each menu option
2. you would "compile" this with the CRTMNU command, and this would
create a simgle *MENU object, with the attribute of "UIM"

So, now you would have a single source member to maintain, and a single object (*MENU) to deploy.

Hope that helps,

Mark S. Waterbury

> On 3/13/2014 11:59 AM, Laine, Rogers wrote:

When changing a Menu program (type MNUDDS) and using option #17 (changing using SDA) the program is compiled but the Message Description file (*MSGF) is cleared of my previous commands.
>From what I have read all types associated with menus are created each time it is compiled.
Is there any way to get around this issue because I do not see any options to change during a compile.


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