WDWTITLE((*TEXT ' F8=Continue ') +


The second image, right-side window. That keeps your legend visible.

(It isn't clear to me why this problem exists as you have a 12-line subfile
and a 16 line window. That would seem like plenty of room?)
(Also, making it 45-wide, adding the actual size of the subfile to SFLSIZ(),
and adding SFLEND(*SCRBAR) gives you a really nice scroll bar and allows the
user to easily move the subfile several pages at once or just as easily inch it by only a few records
at a time.)

On 3/10/2014 6:44 PM, James H. H. Lampert wrote:
I have a pop-up window defined thusly:
. . .
SFLMSG('F3=Exit F12=Cancel')
WINDOW(6 36 16 41)
. . .

letting the operating system handle scrolling, and (to save vertical
space) putting the function key legends in the SFLMSG line.

I never noticed this before, but as soon as you page up or down, the
function key legends go bye-bye for as long as the OS has control of the
window. Is there a way to keep them up?


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