Hi Charles,

If you want, QShell can write the data to the file in ASCII. Just pre-create your 'hhc_custs.txt' file in a different CCSID like this:

touch -C 819 /home/wiltc/hhc_custs.txt

Then when you output to the file, it should be translated to CCSID 819 (which is ISO-8859-1, a flavor of ASCII).

As for why NetServer would translate some files but not others... I'd need to see how your NetServer is configured. In it's default configuration, NetServer does no translation at all. But, you can configure it to translate certain file types, et al, in the Netserver settings that are found in i Nav.

Personally, I always prefer translation to be turned off in NetServer. I prefer to do my translation in my programs (or by hand). The vast majority of files I have in the IFS should not be translated, so I would rather it not do so automatically.

On 3/5/2014 2:24 PM, Charles Wilt wrote:

Playing around with Scott's "Improved DB2 Command for QShell" aka SQLQSH
found here

Ran the following:
sql -S -c "|" "select ccusnr, ccusnm from olsdta.corcustm" >

An I get nice pipe delimited stream file, when viewed via the green screen
DSPF command

However, even I open it using my favorite text editor, Ultra Edit (UE) via
Windows explorer, I get "garbage". Or at least untranslated EBCDIC. :)

From DSPF, for the first line I see

C3C3E4E2 D5D94FC3 C3E4E2D5 D425

From UE on windows I see the same hex values.

Now, I've got other text stream files in the same folder also coded as
CCSID 37 that open just fine in UE. So it doesn't appear to be a general
issue with Netserver.

If I FTP the file back to my PC, it get's translated properly. So the
issue appears to be just with Netserver and just with this file.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to why Netserver isn't converting this


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