When restoring multiple libraries (18) via an automated process from LPAR A to LPAR B, RSTLIBBRM failed with a CPI321E,
File SAVLF02C in library TPAULT2 deferred because of reason code 1. Based-on file SAVPF02 in library PAULT1 did not exist when SAVLF02C was being created for the restore.

The reason for the failure is that the LF was not in the same library as the PF on source LPAR A and the libraries on target LPAR B have different names.

The automated process ends abnormally at this point with an incomplete restore.

I added 2 changes to the automated process.
1) CPF0000 for the RSTLIBBRM with X-LIB LF (This allowed the automated process to continue, even though there was a DFRID was created.
2) Immediately following the RSTLIBBRM, I added QSYS/RMVDFRID DFRID(*ALL). (This cleared the DFRID for all future RSTLIBBRM.

My questions are how do most handle or code for the DFRID issue?
Depending on the scenario, sometimes the issue can be resolved by moving the LF to the correct library and then SAVRSTOBJ only the LF that failed.
Other times, the entire process may be restarted from scratch.

A future check I intend is to identify any X-LIB LF on source LPAR A, move the LF to the same library as the PF, thus eliminating any DFRID due to X-LIB LF.

Thank You
Paul Steinmetz
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