On 2/25/14 11:39 AM, Buck Calabro wrote:

Seriously, this is called an SQL injection attack. Instead of allowing
the end user to put any free-form text into your WHERE clause, build a
front end where they select the columns and conditions and have your
code construct the WHERE clause.

Fascinating: the Wikipedia article on "SQL Injection" describes vulnerabilities I never imagined existed. And how even with user input limited to the ADDLWHERE variable, a "DROP TABLE" statement could be inserted.

As if it weren't bad enough that SQL treats all databases, regardless of their physical structure, as "bags" of sequenceless records. Now to find out that it has built-in vulnerabilities like this. It makes me wonder how something so inherently dangerous became an industry standard. Had it been up to me, I'd have run Chamberlin, Messerly, and Boyce (not to mention Codd; at least Niklaus Wirth outgrew being a dogmatic ideologue with the theories that gave us Pascal) out of town on a rail.

Well, I was already planning on building a prompter to automate the ADDLWHERE process (similar to the one for the QRYSLT clause in the "OPNQRYF Super-Prompter" I added to QuestView back in 2010). Evidently I need to not only build it, but make it mandatory (at least that will simplify it, since it won't have to deal with any manual entry).


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