Correct. If you change your controlling subsystem from QBASE to QCTL it
will break it up as desired.
A controlling subsystem of QBASE is the default. This should probably be
changed to QCTL for all installations running a 'traditional' application
such as ERP and whatnot with the old setup of 5250 users and batch jobs.

If your lpar is different, like all Domino (like many of my lpars), or
almost no 5250 use but all web use, then a different setup is recommended.
Frankly I leave my "all Domino" partitions at QBASE. I have some lpars
where it may be days in between when a single user signs in using 5250.
Other lpars where it may be weeks before more than 2 do. These lpars use
One lpar where DSPSYSSTS shows 470 signed on users. That one (and a few
others) uses QCTL.

One caveat about breaking the subsystem out is memory tuning. Yes, there
is an auto performance adjuster built into the system that if you leave
running will shift memory around to the right pool. However, if the
whistle blows at 5pm and 90+% of your users sign off of all their 5250
applications and a large quantity of intensive batch jobs kicks off then
it may take awhile to properly shift memory from interactive to batch. And
only slowly change it back when the starting bell sounds the next morning.
There are products to shift this faster. Some people have job schedule
entries like DAY or NIGHT which shift that memory around in one big chunk
at these times also.

Rob Berendt

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