Spooled printer file 5 opened for output, job 924945/ROB/ROBHQ2 created on
system GDIHQ2 on 02/17/14 10:38:10.

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No Log Entries Found

dsppfm qtemp/rob
File ROB in library QTEMP not found.

However, from the help:

Only the tape or diskette volume statistical data records are

Note: If you specify *PRINT on the Output (OUTPUT)
parameter and *VOLSTAT on this parameter, lifetime
statistics are printed. If you specify *OUTFILE on the
OUTPUT parameter and *VOLSTAT on this parameter, session
statistics are directed to the output file. If the name of
the volume is reported as '******', it means that this
volume is not displayable.

Stuff like that explains why they might be different. However, I would
think that the printout would have more then. Session vs Lifetime. Did
you use ANY other parameters? Any? Some combinations ignore time period
and jump to lifetime.

What time period were the entries displayed in the outfile?

Rob Berendt

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