Jeff Crosby <jlcrosby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on Fri, 31 Jan
2014 13:14:12 GMT:

But, if you have 1 parity set of 24 drives, you can only lose
1 and keep running, correct? With 3 parity sets of 8 drives,
you could theoretically lose 3 drives and still be running. I
say "theoretically" because the 3 failures would have to be 1
drive in each of the 3 parity sets as opposed to any 3 random

Correct. The loss of 1 drive in a parity set enables you to
keep running. The loss of a 2nd drive in a RAID5 parity set
gives you the opportunity to reload your data. This why we
recommend hot spare to start the rebuild at the earliest
possible moment or RAID6.

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