You can copy virtual to physical, just have to make sure the physical is the same size or bigger. That is the gotcha.


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So why can'y you allocate the IOA into the guest partition and proceed as per the documentation ?

General list of steps I would use to achieve this:
- Allocate IOA into guest partition
- Add the disks into the ASP from the IOA (except disk to be used as Load
- Start RAID
- STRASPBAL *ENDALC on all virtual disk units
- STRASPBAL *MOVDTA to copy data from virtual disks to physical disks
- Shutdown and restart into DST
- Logical remove of Virtual Disk Units
- Copy Load Source to spare physical disk
- Shutdown
- Tag Load source as the physical adapter
- Unlink Storage spaces on virtual adapter
- Fire up the guest partition

This might need some work but I can't see why this would work.
Should be the same as if it was a new physical adapter except one set of hardware happens to be virtual.

On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 2:38 PM, Kirk Goins <kirkgoins@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The question for you Hardware Wizards, short of a Unload/Reload is
there a way to get the loadsource off of vSCSI and on to a Physical Controller?
Unless you KNOW the answer, read no further, stop and delete the
message and forget I asked :)

Many Thanks in advance...

Many times in the past I have copied the Loadsource to a larger drive
on small systems where downtime was not an issue ( M-F 8x5 ) type of
shop. I was always swapping out at least the entire loadsource raid
set, so I have just stopped raid5, did my loadsource copy and after
all the other drives were replaced, restarted raid.

I now have the need to migrate a partition from IBM i on IBM i Guest
partition to the guest no longer being a guest. It needs to have its
own disk controllers and disks. All other I/O ( are already that way ).

I found a doc in the V7R1 Info Center on how to do this. Task 3.1
says Ensure that there are enough open disk slots* under the IOA *that
contain the load source 1. disk unit (unit 1).

This sounds like show stopper since my current loadsource is on vSCSI
and the new would be on a real controller.

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