Hi Rob,

That last part made me chuckle a little...

wunderground shows it should be "much warmer" tomorrow in Garrett, IN, forecasting a high of 25F!

We have had some issues in the past with our CRAC; I had to install sensors under the floor and wrote up some monitoring scrips for them. We saw the outlet temps get as low as 40-ish degrees, under the floor. Somehow the system got in a strange state where it would start cooling full bore. Of course, we've had the opposite happen as well... the temp in that room rises rapidly when CRAC stops cooling.

Here's hoping none of those pipes let loose.


On 01/24/2014 11:58 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Our backup data center, where I work out of, is cold. It's 62 in the main
office. Apparently in the plenum above the drop ceiling it must be colder
because, judging by the fact that our faucets and stuff aren't working, I
suspect our pipes are frozen.
Our operator can remember a time before I started (over 27 years ago) when
a main froze and broke and she waded through the water to turn off the
About a week or two ago I found a ceiling tile in the machine room with a
screen on it and a fan. I turned it on because it seemed rather silly to
me to be running air conditioners to cool down the machine room in sub
zero weather. Now it seems that even wasn't enough heat to help the
We've opened up the machine room doors and put a fan in them to help heat
the office space. Drives the operator nuts - she hates the noise.
On the positive side, the air conditioners haven't had to kick on all day.
Thinking about working in the machine room, it's nice and toasty in there
Could be worse - the PC tech's office is by the loading dock. He's
wearing a hunting coat.
Since there's no water - good thing I didn't go eat at the local greasy
spoon for lunch today.

Rob Berendt

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