On 24-Jan-2014 10:34 -0800, Stone, Joel wrote:
Vernon Hamberg on Friday, January 24, 2014 12:17 AM wrote:


As it says in the DDS documentation:
"You can specify the library-name, page-segment-name,
position-down, position-across, width, height and rotation
parameters as constants, program-to-system fields, or a combination
of both, <<SNIP>>

I agree that the lib-name can be specified in DDS. However, the
output writer SEEMS to ignore this lib-name and instead seems to
select it at print-time from a liblist.

Was it verified whether the resources were properly defined within the spool file before concluding that the effect was instead, that the proper specifications were ignored? In a prior reply, I offered an ad hoc script of commands to issue to verify the resource names associated with the spool file. Surely if the effect is incorrect output, irrespective of wherein the issue lies, being either the named resources getting associated with the spool file or the writing of the spool file improperly choosing from the correctly named resources, then either would be considered a defect that could be reported to IBM?

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